Is it possible to Customize a Gibson Es 137 custom like this?

by Martin
(Atlanta, Ga, Fulton )

Basically this is my vision, I want to replicate the Custom Ace Frehley Les Paul onto a Custom es 137. I want to add a 3rd pickup on the guitar and change the pickups with the white double stranded humbuckers. I want to redesign the fretboard, by removing the original diamond cut fret markers...and I want to replace them with the original Les Paul rectangular fret marker design. Finally, i want to change the tone/volume knobs (also adding a tone and volume indicator on each knob) and replace the pickup guard with a white one instead of the original black one.

I have been criticized and called crazy, but I think this Ideal guitar could make history. I love the feeling of a Les Paul, but I also love the look and style of a Fat bottom roaring guitar. I think the Es 137 Custom is the best of both worlds. Could this type of customization be done? and how much would it cost?


Hi, Martin--

I am not an expert on customizing guitars. I am going to publish this in hopes that some of our readers will have ideas for you.


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