"Iridescent" by Linkin Park--Drum Tab (Guitar Pro)

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About This Song

"Iridescent" is by the alternative rock group, "Linkin Park". The song was released on their 2010 album, "A Thousand Suns" and is probably best known for being the theme song for the film "Transformers: Dark of the Moon".

About the Drummer

The drummer,Rob Bourdon, is the youngest member of Linkin Park. He credits Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer with instilling his childhood interest in drumming. He wears Puma racing shoes and claims that they give give more control over the bass pedals.

Rob's equipment is basically a Gretsch USA Custom
kit with Zildjian cymbals. He uses several kinds of electronics, which are very prominent in "Iridescent". These include Pintech Pads with a Roland SPD- 3, DDrum triggers on the snare, a Roland Bass drum trigger,two samplers and an Alesis bass drum module.

About This Tab

This transcription was particularly difficult to write because of the predominance of electronics.
There also appear to be some stick clicking overdubs throughout the song, but these may well be the result of using a sequencer, as is popular with many drummers today.

I tried to write the transcription so that it could be played by a single drummer with an acoustic kit and no electronics. If you have the electronics, they will be easy to apply.

There is one tempo change in the song from 60 BPM to 120 BPM at measure 46.

All in all, it is a fun song to play and quite challenging at that! Give it a try.


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