by Sara
(Corona, CA)


I am a HUGE Sublime fan. Unfortunately, they are no longer around. (RIP Bradley Nowell) I am 25 years old, and really never got into Sublime until after Brad died. But their music is still alive and thrives as far as I'm concerned. There is really no other band out there that could even compare to them...until I found INHALE.

A friend of mine a few months back told me about this band playing locally in Riverside county, CA. She knows I love Sublime and told me to check them out, since they have the whole reggae/punk/dub sound that I dig. So I did. And I can't get enough. I could play their cd all day long and never get sick of it.
This band was formed in 2005, fairly young, but not to say in the least bit inexperienced.
Mike Silva, is their vocalist and trumpet player (yes, Trumpet! And plays it amazingly well, which gives Inhale their own uniqueness)
Tommy Serrato is the guitarist, and Ryan plays bass, both have fantastic stage presence and really connect with the crowd. Jesse Vargas is their drummer. The youngest member of the band, being 22 years old, but a real talent and attribute to Inhale. Keeping the band on time with his strategic beats. All I can say is that this band knows whats up and can seriously suck you in to make you a victim of what I call an Irie stylie addiction. You will be back for more and more. When I see them play I can't help but move to the music. I say it's not me, it's the music dancing!

Please check them out on Myspace. Listen. It's not just music, it's a lifestlye.

Sara Keppler
Corona, CA

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