Improving my performance

by Ray Nassar
(Highland, Ca.)

Been playing and singing a long time, minus 20 years of not playing, but now I am performing worship music at a church. It is just me and my guitar. I had to buy a cheap guitar and ended up with a Fender acoustic, model 60. Beautiful actually, a neck I instantly fell in love with and nice bright sound.

The problem is that obviously the guitar is not loud enough on its own, and I do like to move around. Would it be a mistake for me to have them put a pickup on. Recommend one please. Or, should I get a good mike and play to the mike?

As for singing, do you know what a really good mike is at reasonable price? Any reason to think of those headset mikes since I like to be on the move and my hands are on the guitar?

Too many questions?I am sorry. This is really important. I am 57 just out of a few years in prison and turning my life around. I love performing and they like me but there are a few of these technical situations. Hey thanks alot, Ray Nassar


Hi, Ray--

Congrats on your new life!

As far as the guitar, I would definitely recommend putting a pickup on it. This is a good one and it can be installed easily:

Fender ACP-1 Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Now for the vocal microphone. The headset mics are pretty pricey and you need a certain type of system to make them work.

You could get a wireless mic and put it on a boom stand, which would give you plenty of room to move around, but you would need to be sure that it will work with your church's PA system.

The simplest thing would be to get an SM 58 (my favorite vocal mic) and put it on a boom stand. This would be relatively inexpensive and then later you could invest in a more complicated set up if you wanted.

Check out the SM-58:

Shure SM58S Mic with Switch

This stand would be good:

Musician's Gear Tripod Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom Black

Hope this will help and GOOD LUCK to you!


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