I Get Frustrated While Practicing Guitar....Do You?

by Gabe G.H.
(Madrid, Spain)

Hi guys

I have started to practise playing the guitar lately...and there are warm-ups and stuff like that that I am doing. Most of these things require 2 minutes of your time and then you move onto another thing. My problems is that by the time I get close to the end of a 2-minute section, I get extremely frustrated with what I am doing. I mean I wonder "what the heck am I doing....it feels strange".

I don't really know how to explain this....
Has anyone ever felt the same?


Hi, Gabe--

Most of us experience a certain amount of frustration about practicing at times. I think it happens more when you are a fairly new "practicer".

As you grow in your practice and playing skills, you may learn to take the temporary frustration in stride, realizing that if you persevere, you will eventually overcome any difficulty that you may have.

Let's see if some of our readers have other ideas--how about it, guitar players? Any advice for Gabe?


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Mar 30, 2011
by: Gabe

Thank for the quick reply. I guess you are right....I just need to practice on and it will go away.

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