"Hungry" by Kutless--Drum Tab (Guitar Pro)

This Drum tab is a guaranteed accurate transcription of the song"hungry" by Kutless.

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About This Song

"Hungry" is the third track on the album "It is Well" by the Christian Rock Group, Kutless. The album was released in 2009. Kutless is from Portland, Oregon.

About The Drummer

Jeffrey Gilbert was born in California and got his first drum set when he was nine years old.
He says that he accepted the Lord as his Savior when he was sitting in the bathtub at the age of three years.

About This Tab

The song starts out with an non-drum intro and on the eighth measure the drums enter with a strike on a Gong. The rest of the intro involves a lot of 16th note Bass drum kicks.

The Verse calms down a bit with just a couple of Bass 16ths per measure and frequent use of the open Hi Hat.

The Chorus changes to Ride cymbal with a few 16th note Bass drum kicks.

The four measure Solo section is the most interesting part of the song. Here he makes use of 16th on the Snare drum and accents with open Hi Hat hits.

In the Chorus following the Bridge, Jeffrey usess electronics which sound like and may well be his sticks playing on the rim of the Snare drum. These are mostly 16th notes with some 32nd notes added for flavor. The bass drum is an interesting pattern.

The Outro includes some imaginative fills.

This tab would be good for an intermediate to advanced drummer. The song is being used by a lot of church groups, so if your group is playing this, it would be a big help to you.


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