How to Tune Drums

by Gilbert Sanchez
(Pflugerville, Texas, US)

I have a 5 TAMA drum set and I was wondering how to tune my set. I have the tama clear skins on both sides. How many turns do I give the bottom skin and how many turns I give the top skin, are they all the same turns for the two tom-toms and the floor tom. The first left tom do you start it high and then the second right tom is it lower or higher then the left tom and of course the floor tom is it lower or what. I want a solid deep sound on my bass drum want do I do or use to do that. I can work with my snare pretty much. I play rock and blue and tejano music, but I'm a very solid drummer. I believe this is the question I have for you at this time. Thank you very much in taking time in read this email.


Gilbert Sanchez


Hi, Gilbert--

Tuning drums is a skill that you acquire by experimenting. There is no set number of turns. In general, the drums are tuned progressively lower startign with the left mounted tom and going
around. The Floor tom is the lowest.

If you would like detailed instructions on how to tune your drums, you might want to visit Hints for Tuning Drums

Best Wishes,

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