How to Practice Drum Fills

by Jon Sturdevant
(Rome NY)

I play along with a metronome practice beats there's not too much music i can play with yet "which I don't mind", but the problem is because I don't know fills very well. the question is since I don't mind not playing with music can I go on just practicing the beats then eventually work fills into my beats or toms into my beats or will this hurt my playing in the future. Jon


Hi, Jon--

I think that you are doing EXACTLY the right thing. Just keep practicing your beats and then add fills.

I have my students practice a beat until they can play it perfectly for three measures, then add a simple 4 count fill for the 4th measure and then start the cycle over.

If you want help with fills, there are free drum fill lessons at:

Rock Drum Fills

By the way, there ARE plenty of simple songs that you can play along with. You can get quality, easy to read drum tabs at Almost Free Drum Tabs. If there is a specific song that you want and co not find it on that page, you can order a custom tab of any song you want at:

Drum Tabs on Demand

Good Luck with your playing and let me know if I can be of more help!


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