How to Market a Drum Book

by Rob Taylor
(Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

Mint Studios LA

Mint Studios LA

I am a full time drum teacher, who has taught for 20years.
I have written a drum book and use it with my courses.
It works and it is a great teaching tool.
I want to make it worldwide.
could you give me some advice?



Is your book already published and you need to market it, or are you looking for a publisher?

If you are looking for a publisher, you could try a trip to the local or internet music store to find out which publishers are publishing drum instruction books and contact them about your book. If you can get it published, then the publisher will be responsible for the marketing.

You could publish it as an eBook and sell it on Clickbank, Payloadz, or another ecommerce site.

If the book is already printed, you could set up a website and sell the book. Selling with SBI Websites

If you can give me some further information--is it already published, etc., maybe I could help more.

Best Wishes,

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