how to identify type of drums I have

by susan bennett
(hatfield pa)

tenant left set of ludwig drums behind and I need to find out what they are worth- they are not an adult size but a little smaller- but bigger than my girlfriend's who has a set for her kids- is there any way to identify what they are worth, they need some new drum heads but the set itself otherwise looks good- metalic blue. I assume there is a junior size but would like to know how many sizes ludwig makes and how to tell how old they are if there is a model number or something I can find somewhere.

Hi, Susan--

Look for the serial number inside the snare drum.
If you find it, you can Google "Ludwig Serial Numbers" and find numerous sites that have serial number charts and dates.

Ludwig drums come in 3 basic configurations--junior, fusion, and standard. Junior is the smallest, then Fusion, then standard.

If the set is indeed a junior set, they sell new for $250. to $300. New heads can get expensive, so you might want to consider selling the set "as is" (if you are wanting to sell).

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