How To Fix a Cracked Cymbal

by Ed
(Rochester N.Y)

Can anyone tell me how to repair a cracked cymbal?


Hi, Ed--

There are a few things that you can do, but be aware that nothing is going to make the cymbal sound like it once did.

If the crack is small, you can try drilling a hole at each end of the crack to stop the crack from spreading. Make the hole just a bit wider than the crack.

You can use epoxy to fill the crack, but this is a very delicate job and will definitely alter the sound of the cymbal immensely.

Some people have tried cutting the cymbal down to a smaller size if the crack is near the edge. This will give you a cymbal with a strange sound, but you might be able to use it for some effects.

My recommendation would be to cut your losses and buy a new cymbal. Maybe some of our readers will have more ideas for you.


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