How to finger a min7-sharp-5 chord?

by Paul T
(Brooklyn, NY)

I'm having problems fingering min7 #5 chords. For example, trying to play Bmin7 #5 (picture uploaded), I want to use

1st finger - E string 7th fret
2nd finger - D string 7th fret
3rd finger - G string 7th fret
pinkie B string 8th fret

My problem is that my fingers are too big to cover the D & G strings 7th fret with my middle and ring fingers and play cleanly. Is there a way to deal with this?

It would be great if I could play this fingering cleanly because I'm getting to the B-7#5 from a CMaj7 (Deacon Blues intro), so my 1st finger is already on the E String. The only alternative fingering I can think of is to play the min7 with middle finger on the E string, barring D & G strings with ring finger, and plop pinkie on B string up 1 fret. It's awkward. Maybe I just need to practice that switch.

ANSWER: Hi Paul-- I would use the alternative fingering. You will get used to it.


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