How to Clean a Rosewood Fretboard

by Bob

Can you tell me the proper care & cleaning of a rosewood fretboard? Tkxxx, Bob


Hi, Bob--

The Rosewood fretboard is left unfinished because the natural oils in the wood are sufficient to protect it. Very little is required except to wipe it down every time you finish playing. I use a micro cloth.

If the fretboard is extremely dirty (which will not be the case if you regularly wipe it down), you can use VERY fine steel wool or even better, a plastic scrubber.

If you want to use a very small amount of oil, be sure that it does not contain water, waxes or any solvents such as d-limonene.

Choose a furniture oil that contains petroleum distillates. The type of petroleum distillates used in furniture cleaners is a very thin, purified and deodorized mineral oil. Just put a SMALL amount of oil on a micro cloth and wipe it over the fretboard. Do this only about twice a year.


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