How to Choose the Right Snare Wires

by Ed

I need to replace the snares on my snare drum.I noticed that they differ in price and style. What is the difference and how do i go about picking one.



Hi, Ed--

Here are some suggestions for you:

1. To get the brightest, most resonant sound from the drum and the most activity out of the wires, select a set of snares that are about ½ the width of your snare bed, generally 12-16 strands. That way, the part of the head that is most active (the center of the bed) will have the most impact on the sound and provide you with the most snare action (sensitivity and response).

2. If you want a lot of snare action, but would prefer a bit shorter decay, choose a set of snares that are slightly wider-approximately 3/4ths the width of the snare bed,usually 16 to 20 strands.

3. In a close-miked studio environment, where you might want to get the maximum snare sound but decreased response and decay, try a snare unit that is wide enough to cover the entire snare bed 20 to 24 strands.


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