How Much should I sell my used squire strat with a bunch of items with it?

by Amanda Carter
(New Hampshire, US)

Fender Squire Strat

Fender Squire Strat

Looking for money for college, and this is just lying around the house.

Would come with the used Squire strat with a few minor scratches.
-Wammy Bar
-guitar stand
-chord to hook into speaker.
-package of $12.00 strings
-Hard case that is in very good condition and was about 75 or 85 when I bought it. No stickers or anything on it.

-If I find my distortion pedal I'll prob throw that in also.

Not sure what to sell it for, don't want it to be too much but def. not to less either.


Hi, Amanda--

I can not give you a price estimate unless I know the exact model and year of your guitar.

If you want an estimate, please go to:

Vintage Guitar Values

Fill out the form carefully and submit your request.

Best Wishes,

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