How Does the Gong Bass Drum Depth Affect the Sound?

by Manny
(United Kingdom)

Being a relatively obscure type of drum, (for those who haven't heard of them they're the single-headed bass drum-type drums that one of AC/DC's drummers quite famously used; watch a Tony Royster Jr. solo to see one in action) there is very little information on the specifics of how they're designed.

Does anyone know how the depth of the drum would affect its sound, given that it uses a single head?


Hi, Manny--

The typical depth for a gong bass shell is 16". The diameter can vary with 18" and 21" being the most common.

The unique sound of the gong bass has more to do with the fact that the batter head is one or two inches large than the rim. This is what gives the drum it's gong like sound and also is what allows the drum head to be tuned down further without causing the lug bolts to rattle.


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