How do you do a steady blast beat without tiring?

by chris
(hartford ct)

How can i do a blast beat with out getting tired so fast?


Hi, Chris--

Of course, it depends on the PARTICULAR "blast" beat that you are playing, but in general, the "tiredness"problem boils down to how you can play rapidly with your hands and feet without the tension which makes your muscles fatigued.

For your hands--be sure that you are using your WRISTS. Try the old trick of placing a quarter on top of your wrist. If you are not moving your arm, the quarter will stay there. Using the arm instead of the wrist will make you tired faster because large muscles require more energy to use.

The same is true with your foot (feet). Experiment with heels up and heels down and see which works best for you. Whichever you use, be sure that you are not using your LEG muscles. This is fairly easy when playing heels down.

When playing heels up, be sure that you are just bouncing on your toes and NOT using your leg muscles.

The "Steady" part of the problem is a different matter. The beat should be practiced VERY slowly with the metronome. Be sure that the beat is steady before slightly increasing the metronome speed.

If your right hand and right foot are supposed to hit at the same time, be sure that they are hitting at EXACTLY the same time.

Hope this helps a bit. Just be patient and you will see results.

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Jul 10, 2020
by: Anonymous

All right. Those guys are doing it wrong. There. The "Comment Below" is correct.

Nov 02, 2012
Other comment is wrong
by: Wade Q

Yeah, flying fingers is great, but I'd like to see you tell George Kollias or Derek Roddy that they aren't doing it right when they use mostly wrist. Watch a pro once in a while and then go tell people they are incorrect.

Apr 14, 2010
no no no no no no
by: Anonymous

when doing blast beats you dont use the wrist, This will give you carpal tunnel syndrome and you will tire quickly, the proper technique is flying fingers where the stick is gripped at the fulcrum with the thumb and index finger and then pivot the stick rapidly with the middle and ring fingers, professional metal drummers blast for hours with this technique and experience no fatigue

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