How Do I Use Pentatonic Guitar Scales?

by Merwyne AInd

I am an average guitar player,but,I guess every one has a question to ask.So, here are my questions.

1)Like diatonic modes,does the pentatonic scales have the same theory as diatonic modes and the chord progression??

2)While playing or improvising a song is it necessary to play all the notes of the scale for a particular chord??

I will be grateful for your help.



Hi, Merwyne--

1. The use of pentatonic scales is a little different from that of diatonic scales. The pentatonic minor scale can be used in the same key as the progression ONLY if the progression is limited to the I IV and V chords.

If the progression contains any other chords--ii, iii, vi or vii--you can only use the pentatonic minor scale in the relative minor key (3 half steps down from the Tonic).

The pentatonic major scale can be used similarly to the diatonic scale.

2. No, you need not play all of the notes in a scale when improvising.

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