How Can I Use Pentatonic Scales?

by Apulius

I'm mastering the five positions of pentatonic minor of any key,but i can't transfer what's on my mind or even a short meaningful piece of music, what you think I lack? thanx in advance.


Hi, Apulius--

It could be that you don't know which scales can be used with the various major keys. In general, use the pentatonic minor scale that is 3 half steps down from the Major key. Example: In the Key of C, use the A pentatonic minor scale.

You can also use non-scale tones as passing tones between scale tones. Someone once said--"There are no wrong notes. It just depends on how long you stay on them".

It also helps to think of a sentence and use that rhythm to phrase your solo. Solos are like speaking--you need various lengths of notes and
you also need pauses.


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