How Can I Protect My Guitar From Damage by the Strap Buckle?

by bob bruyn
(rotterdam, the netherlands)

I bought a guitar strap for my sons acoustic guitar. It has a metal adjustment buckle (to adjust the length). The problem is, when he takes the guitar off, the buckle is always hitting up against the guitar and damaging the finish. Are there any products out there to put around the buckle or some other way to avoid this?


Hi, Bob--

It might be better to get a strap with a plastic buckle. You also might want to suggest that your son be more careful when removing his guitar. He might want to undo one end of the strap from the guitar first.

If you want to keep the strap you have, you could get some colored tape in a color that goes with the strap color and wrap it around the buckle. The strap will most likely not need to be adjusted that often and the tape can be easily removed and reapplied if adjustment is necessary.

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Best Wishes,

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