How can I Play Berber Rock?

by Badis
(North Morocco)

dear lynne,
thank u very much for ur answer,
in fact im mastering the major pentatonic scale, cause i found on the net that it is the most important, now i can play it award and backward in high speed, but i still dont know how to make a certain song or melody through it?! other question is, that most of the web sites i visited recommend major scales for starters, please i need more highlights from you lynne,cause my project is to make a Berber-rock in north Africa :) thank u very much


Hi again, Badis--

Excuse My ignorance, but I do not know what Berber Rock IS. I have found from research that it is Moroccan music, but I have never HEARD it (that I know of).

If you will please send me either a link where I can here it, or an mp3 file of an example, I will be able to tell you what scales are used and what kinds of chord progressions.

If you cannot do either of the above, can you tell me the name of a song that I might be able to find on the internet?

I would love to help!


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