How Can I Make Smooth Transitions Between Guitar Chords?

by Tina
(Green Bay)

Whenever i lift my finger off a string quickly it makes a sort of buzzing noise which makes it almost impossible to be able to change chords smoothly. Is this normal? Do I just need to play faster? How do I make the transition from say the A chord to the D chord blend together better?


Hi, Tina--

Regarding the buzzing: It is difficult know for sure without seeing you play, but the buzzing may be due to your fingers remaining slightly in contact with the strings for too long. Slow down and make sure to take your fingers all the way off of the strings before playing the next chord.

Regarding transitioning from one chord to the next: I have my students practice visualizing where their fingers are going to go for the next chord. Then form your fingers into the shape that you need for the chard and place all of your fingers on the strings at the same time.

This will initially slow you down, but eventually will enable you to make fast and smooth transitions between chords.

Best Wishes,

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