How can I Make My Snare Drum Sound More Crisp?

by Tim

I have an older pearl set and my snare drum sounds like its straight out of a marching band. I'm trying to get that more "crack" sound like most of the popular drummers. What can I do? I've tried tightening the cables and the head but it does'nt seem to change much.


Hi, Tim--

There are a few things that you could try:

1. Try tightening the BOTTOM head. This head is called the "Resonator" head for a reason. It resonates when the top head is struck and has a LOT to do with how your drum sounds.

2. Get new snares. You may want to try a diferent width.

3. Try different heads. There is a detailed discussion of different types of heads at:

Hints for Tuning Drums

Best Wishes,

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