How Can I Make Homemade Drum Mufflers?

I have remo ring dampeners but i dont want to take them to school, and i dont want to buy new ones. Whats the best way to make free, equally effective drum dampeners?



You will find a discussion of ways to make drum mufflers here:

Hints for Tuning Drums

Scroll down to the section on "Muffling".

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Dec 17, 2010
SWAT - Snare Wire Arrestor & Tuner Drum Muffler Dampener!
by: Lazetar

Give your snare that Power Rock sound. Get rid of that wire "splat" sound and have more drum sound come through on your snare drum get SWAT - Snare Wire Arrestor & Tuner Drum Muffler Dampener. Swat also helps control snare wire buzz. Go to eBay, enter "SWAT" in the search box and set to "Musical Instruments" category and read up, and listen to (YouTube link) what SWAT can do for your snare. Totally Revolutionary!

Jan 19, 2010
hobby pillow batting
by: Joe

If you take a piece of batting, that you can find at any hobby store, and make it long enough to be secured by the top and bottom lug screws of the drum and wide enough to reach to pair of lug screws next to it, then you have the perfect amount of dampening for any style. All you need to do now is maybe put some type of overtone control on to the drum because this type of muffling makes the overtones more pronounced. so a moongel or duct tape should do the trick.

Dec 31, 2009
muffling tips
by: noah

dont use duct tape dude. that will screw ur head up because when you go to remove the tape it will elave some of the adheasive residue behind. the bset thing i can think of is called moongel. look it up its 8 bucks for 4 little gel type pads that work really well

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