How Can I Learn to Play Piano by Ear?

by Mary

I want to learn to play by ear. Is there a particular way to learn?


Hi, Mary--

If you already play piano, then there are definitely some tools and techniques that will help your ear.

1) Become VERY familiar with the sound of the chords. This means that you must memorize them and play them in many different chord progressions until you can recognize the quality of a chord when you hear it (Major or Minor to begin with).

If you need help with chords, please visit Absolutely Free Keyboard Lessons and follow all of the links that have "chords" in the name.

2) You should become familiar with Chord Progressions so that you will know what chords to expect.

3) There are a lot of ear training programs to help you to improve your ability to identify the notes that you hear. My favorite and the one that I use with my students is Pure Pitch.

Please let us know if you have further questions after you have checked out these resources.

Best Wishes!

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