How can I Learn to Play Barre Chords on the Guitar?

by India

Last time I asked a question here I got such a great answer so I thought I would go ahead and ask the experts again. I have two questions - you don't have to answer both if you can't.

Anyway, first question is. Does anyone have an idea what the strumming pattern is like for this song? for the entire song - intro and all the rest of it. The tabs are here I think - please correct me if I'm wrong, they were the only ones I could find online for this particular song.

Also. I'm really struggling with those barre chords but I really want to be able to play them now. Does anyone have a good trick or know a good video somewhere so I can learn properly?

Thanks a bunch.


Hi, India--

The strumming pattern is:

You keep your hand moving down and up alternately on each eighth note. You allow your strumming hand to contact the strings on only certain ones of those strokes. Like this:

/ ^ / ^ / ^ / ^

1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

The hand strikes the strings only on ONE (&2) AND (3) AND FOUR AND.

Don' allow your hand to strike the strings on the numbers in parentheses.

Second part of your question:

You can find a detailed explanation of barre chords at Guitar Barre Chords.

It takes time to make these chords sound good. Keep your left arm up off of your leg and your elbow out a just a bit from your body.

Try playing JUST the barre without the other fingers and be sure that each string rings out clearly before you add the other fingers.

Just keep practicing them--it will become easier, but you have to be patient!

Best Wishes,

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