How Can I Learn How to Strum Guitar Songs?

by chris

hey, iv been learning guitar for about a month, from some very talented 12 year old on youtube! iv got the basic chords sorted, the thing is, when i find a song i want to learn the lyrics come up with the chords over the letters, how do i know how to strum?


Hi, Chris--

The rhythm part of playing guitar is a rather complicated skill. It requires a knowledge of counting and varying degrees of control over your strumming hand.

There are courses available for a very reasonable
price which are a great help in learning to strum.
This is the best one I have found:

Strumming Sensations

Once on the page, scroll down to "Strumming 101".

Other than studying in an organized fashion, you might be able to just try to make the rhythm sound like the song--change chords on the proper word.

Best Wishes,

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