How Can I Improve My Guitar Playing?

by joe

Hi there

i have been playing for around 5 years now and i need help.

i have been having lessons the whole time and know my diatonic scales back to front, the problem is i hear fantastic solos by my favourite guitarists and go online to get the tabs, even videos on youtube which get 5 stars by many raters but i just cant seem to play it anything like it should.

i feel as though i haven't improved in about 2 years



Hi, Joe--

It is difficult for me to give you any specific advise because your question is so general.

It is entirely possible that the tabs you are getting on the internet are inaccurate. They are written (and rated) by amateurs for the most part.
I think that the Guitar Pro and Power Tabs seem to be a little more accurate than the regular tabs.

If you could tell me a specific solo and also tell me what the specific problem is when you try to play it, I might be able to help.


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Nov 21, 2009
How to practice "Nothing Else Matters" Guitar Solo
by: Anonymous

hi Lynne

I am using guitar pro and its a really good programme which i trust is giving me the correct tabs.

to explain the problem i have i could use the example of metallica's "nothing else matters" solo. i cant seem to play the parts which are a bit quicker. i can play them but not close to the speed required in order to make it sound like part of the solo.



OK now I can help. Try this:

In your guitar pro program (the solo is at approx measures 120-126), go to the "Sound" and click on "Play Looped/ Speed Trainer". A setting menu will come up where you can set the speed of the trainer. Try starting at 50%--you can always slow it down if you need to.

Now highlight one measure plus one note of the solo and click on "Play" in the sound menu. Try to play along and see how far you get toward 100% speed. When you can no longer play along, note the percentage and then go back and perform a successful repetition, stopping before it gets too fast so that you end the section with a successful attempt.

Next, highlight the next measure plus one note and repeat the procedure. Be sure to make a note of your speed for each section so that you can refer to it at your next practiced session.

The reason for the one measure section is that your fingers can not learn big chunks of material--keep it small. The reason for the extra note in each section is that this way you won't have to go back and practice putting the sections together.

You can practice this way with the metronome instead of the Guitar Pro Program (it is just kinda fun to play along). Just be sure to set the metronome (or the trainer) at a starting speed at which you can play the section perfectly. Then increase the speed just a tiny bit until you reach your maximum speed.

Do the above procedure every day and you will find that your playing speed will improve incredibly. I practice this way with my students and they are amazed at the once "impossible" solos that they can now play with ease.

Best Wishes,

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