How can I get rid of feedback when I stop playing and try to silence my guitar after a song?

by John
(St. Louis)

Whenever I'm done playing a song, and I try to quiet my strings, or even during breakdowns how can I get rid of that natural harmonic feedback from my hands? Where should I place my hands so when it's supposed to be a quiet part natural harmonics from my hand resting on the strings won't play?


Hi, John--

Try muting the strings lightly with your left hand
by decreasing pressure until you are barely touching the strings. This works well with barre chords.

You can also try putting more pressure on your right hand or resting it in a place where natural harmonics are not prevalent--like where you normally rest it for palm mutes.

It might also help if you do not stand directly in front of your amp.

Best Wishes,

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