How Can I Get Music Students to Keep a Constant Tempo?

by Gina Bowden
(Pinson, Alabama, usa)

I have 3 drumsets on the side lines this year. One starts the part the other 2 come in with the band. The problem is the band drags or rushes. How can I fix it?


Hi, Gina--

I'm not sure I understand. Is this for football games? In any case, I will try to answer.

First of all, everyone in the band, including the 3 drummers should be practicing with a metronome during their private practice sessions. You should try to impress upon them the importance of this kind of practice. (I am assuming that you are the teacher?)

During rehearsals, you need to be very firm in your directing. Take small sections and stop immediately when the tempo begins to vary. It sound like they need to learn to feel when the tempos is steady.

Of course, having 3 drummers makes it EXTREMELY important that the drummers are steady. Inexperienced drummers do tend to rush and drag. Maybe you could have a drummers' rehearsal and work with an amplified metronome.

Hope this helps. If I did not understand your question correctly, please feel free to provide more information in the comments section of this page.


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