How can I Eliminate the Ringing From My Snare Drum?

by kyle covell
(New Zealand)

My snare drum has a real bad after tone like an echo when i hit it. I replaced the skin and tried to tune it but it still sounds real bad what can i do too fix it?


Hi, Kyle--

There are various ways to muffle a drum and various causes for the ringing.

The snares may be too loose or even too tight. The bottom head may not be tuned correctly. It is not possible for me to comment on the tuning since I don't know how you tuned it.

Snare drums have a muffler that can be tightened. Did you try tightening it?

Other than those suggestions, there are ways to muffle the drum if tuning won't work (which is rarely the case).

Please go to Hints for Tuning Drums and scroll down to the section titled "Muffling".

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