How Can I Clean a Marching Bass Drum?

I'm wondering what type of cleaner should be used to clean and to wax and polish marching bass drums.


The most important thing in cleaning any drum is to use a cleaner that will not scratch or degrade the finish.

You can use a damp cloth to remove dirt and then use a dry clean micro cloth to polish the drum. The micro cloth also works well on hardware.

Alternately, you can use a cleaner specifically make for drums. One good product is "Trick Drums Drum Polish".

This polish is anti static and pH balanced. it will not scratch, steak, swirl, or build up, and is designed to easily remove dust, cigarette and smoke machine residue, drum stick sawdust, fingerprints, and water spots, while leaving a slick protective shine. Trick Drum Polish is safe for all drum shell finishes and ideal for quick wipe downs on cymbal, hardware and heads.

The price is about $6.00.


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