Holes in Snare Drum Head

by Lukas

Ok so i get a bit too exited when playing drums with the band and made a few holes in my snare as well as on of the toms. Is it necessary to change batter heads/do they get damaged this way? Or is it no big deal?



Replace the heads. It's a big deal.


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Jan 17, 2010
by: Lukas

ok well are there any other tips you've got to make it not happen again? And does how fragile the headas are depend on the quality and price? cause these drums were really cheap


Hi, Lukas--

The breaks could be due to the way you are striking the heads. Be sure not to "poke" the head with your stick, but to hit it with the side of the tip. Also if the drum head is way too tight, it could result in breakage.

Yes, the quality of heads will determine durability. Good quality heads will last longer.

I just thought of something--are these HOLES or dents that we are talking about? Do they go all the way through the head? If they are just dents, then that will happen, especially with cheap heads. You can continue to play on them, but eventually the sound quality will be affected.


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