Help--Double Bass Pedal or Two Bass Drums?

I'm just wondering which is better to use for metal drumming, two bass drums or a double bass pedal?


Hi, Wade--

In my opinion, the double bass pedal is preferable. The main reason is because of tuning.

It can be extremely difficult to get two bass drums tuned in such a way that they sound exactly the same. If the two drums sound different then the whole point of using double bass--speed--is negated.

Another consideration is that a double bass pedal is considerably less expensive than two bass drums and two pedals, as well as easier to transport.

Good Luck with your drumming!

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Jan 04, 2008
Great Information!
by: Anonymous

This information was really helpful to me in deciding on a bass drum set up.

Sep 16, 2009
From someone who knows...
by: Anonymous

OK. There are trade-offs either way. If you get two bass drums, yes tuning CAN be a pain, BUT you'll be taking up almost TWICE as much space on the stage. Your bandmates may want to be able to move around. I have two bass drums, purchased about a year apart from the same manufacturer. They both have VERY different sonic qualities, true, but this is ACTUALLY an advantage for double-bass playing (consider that if you play fast enough NO ONE will be able to tell the two drums apart, PLUS truly awesome "chords" can be constructed with the two tuned slightly differently, AND it will lend definition to your playing when you get fast enough). This will teach you how to tune your drums with expert ability in short order. Now, on to the double pedal.

NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS there will come a time when the double pedal will frustrate the hell out of you because you will loose notes. What do I mean? When your playing gets fast enough and accurate enough the SINGLE bass drum head vibrations WILL be canceled out and you'll not be able to hear them AT ALL. This is FACT (familiarize yourself with wave theory). I experience this EVERY DAY! Even if you muffle the heck out of the head this will still happen. I have a double pedal that I really like but I've gotten to be too fast.

If your true goal is speed WITH individual note definition, my advice to you is to lay out all the extra cash and get the second bass drum, pedal, and microphone. If space and money are major concerns then get the double pedal. I know as I play both ways (double pedal, two bass drums, and even traditional). I much prefer two separate bass drums but the band doesn't like having nowhere to stand. And yes, I play Metal (which is all music, really). Good luck and may you never tire of bashing skins!

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