Heel-Toe Bass Pedal Technique

by steve
(Harrison NY)

I have been playing drums since about 12-13 .(I play single bass) with a few breaks in between , none lasting more than a year. I have a fast right foot, a great bass drum pedal,and almost pro equiptment. MY PROBLEM? I cannot for the life of me get the heel-toe technique to work. Size 10 foot should not make a difference. When I attempt it, not even by accident can I get it to happen. I have watched videos, tried about 6 different pedals to no avail. My skill level, and dexterity is there but I can't get it. What would you suggest?


Hi, Steve--

It is a rather difficult technique to perfect. Since you do not mention specifically what difficulty you are having, I can't give you specific advice, but here are some general suggestions:

**Placement of your drum throne--you need to position your throne so that you sit high enough that you are able to DROP your leg on the pedal.

**Starting position--start with your heel ON the pedal. Then push hard enough with your toes that your heel and WHOLE FOOT come off the pedal.

Then DROP your foot onto the pedal with you heel contacting the pedal first.

As soon as your heel hits, repeat the cycle by pusing your foot of the pedal with your toes.

**Pedal tension--try adjusting the tension on your pedal. You will have to experiment, but most players find that LESS tension is better. Try loosening the tension until the beater swings freely for about 10 seconds after you take your foot off. The key here is to experiment and find out what is right for YOU.

Many players recommend the DW pedals--specifically the DW5000 Turbo single if you want to use a single pedal.

Hope this helps!


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