Hamer Guitar

by Hatt Cook

Are Hamer guitars good? I have one and it has really good pickups. I don't know the guitar is worth.


Hi, Hatt--

The Hamer Guitar Company was started in 1973 near Chicago. It is generally considered to be the first "boutique" electric guitar brand, catering to pro musicians only.

The company produced very high end models--"Standard" and "Flying V" as well as mid-priced models--Special, Cruisebass, Prototype, Blitz and Phantom.

In order to determine the value of your guitar, you would need to know the model and the year it was made.

In 2000 Hamer started selling a lower-priced lineup of imported guitars branded "XT" to supplement their brand. Along with its parent company Kaman Music, Hamer has been acquired by the Californian guitar giant Fender Musical Instruments in January 1st, 2008.

Best Wishes!


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