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The band started out in a small town in Norway named Atna in 2005. In October 2005, Stig Gustu Larsen went to Studio Nyhagen at Toten, Norway to record 3 songs, one of them "Jupiter & Mars". With the help of TNT guitarist Ronni Le Tekro. Stig recorded the songs in almost two weeks. In November 2005, the final mix was done, and the song "Jupiter & Mars" got airplay on one of norway's biggest radio channel, NRK P3. Other radio stations like, NRK P1, Kanal 24 and Radio Land followed, and the song was played on heavy rotation all trough may 2005 on Radio Land.

In January 2006, the band joined the well known shock-rockers "Surferosa" as the support act for their Norwegian tour in 2006. Starting off at Rena, hometown of former guitarist, Tor Magne Amundsen (at his birthday!).

Summer tour and studio:

2006 turned out to be a great year for the band. Touring all fall and summer, doing shows with some of Norway?s best known artists and bands, like Sondre Lerche, CC Cowboys and Return to name a few. The band did a split gig with Sondre Lerche at Raadhusplassen in Oslo, and the same night the band did a show at the championship of rock finals at Betong, Oslo.

The band did a lot of interviews with radio, newspapers and some magazines, and got alot of attention from the media after doing well, both on the radio as well as one the live stages all around Norway.

After doing a lot of shows all over Norway, the band started working on some new songs, and started recording those late 2006 at Studio Nyhagen, for the second time. This time, TNT guitarist Ronni Le Tekro help out with a guitar solo,
and new TNT singer Tony Mills recorded a few backing vocal parts for some of the songs. One of the songs the band recorded this time at Nyhagen, was "Angels never die", a song that would end up as their first music video.

Music video:

The video shoot started out in October November 2006 at Rena, Aamot. The setting was an old building ready for destruction. The band tried for a month to get a license to shoot the video there, but didn't even find the owner of the building, so naturally, the band just went there to make a video anyway. It was really cold that day, and the plan was to shoot the whole video in one day, and they did. Just seconds after the last take, the police came to stop whatever we were doing, and after a short talk with the police, it was just reported, nothing else happened..

Working on new material:

After doing some shows and interviews in late 2006, early 2007, the band started working on some new songs, again. The band then decided to record some of the songs in their own studio. One of the songs that was recorded was "The Loudest Sound", the band also made a video to this song.

Moving to Oslo

In late 2007 the band decided to move to Oslo. And already in May 2008, the band started to record at Sounderground Studios in Oslo with engineer and co producer Staale.


The band is working on some new songs, new video for the song "love/hate collide" and have just started to book their first tour of the United States. There is alot happening at this point, and to stay updated, please check

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