Guitar through tube amp

by Jeremy
(canada , ontario)

I have a Boss RC-2 Loop station, It has various drum beats can i -play these directly through my tube amp like a regular pedal or will the drums hurt the tube amp , like overload it or something?


Hi, Jeremy--

It should be fine. Just keep the volume on the Boss low and control the volume with the amp. You can experiment with different levels--just listen for distortion. If the drums are distorting, then the Boss volume needs to be lower and the amp volume higher.


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Jul 13, 2011
by: Jeremy

Thanks a lot Lynne that is what I figured its just that I bought a used amp and last night I blew a tube while using an rc-2 , i figured it was just a regular thing but wanted to make sure.



The tube in the used amp may have been ready to go out anyway.



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