Guitar recommendations for complete beginner

by Harry

Hey everyone, I've recently decided I'm going to start learning guitar, so I'm trying to find a suitable guitar that I'd be able to learn on. I think I'm going to get an electro acoustic guitar, because I want to learn a lot of the classic riffs for different songs.

I'm just wondering if anyone has good recommendations of a certain guitar to get? I've heard Gretsch is a good choice, but may be a bit expensive. I am willing to invest if it's worth it, but I wonder if there's any other good makes out there that would be a but cheaper but still work just as well. I guess I'm trying to say what sort of money should I be spending?

I also wonder would it be worth getting second hand? Obviously I'd be able to get a cheaper price but don't know if it's worth the extra investment to buy a brand new one.

Also does preferred hand matter? I think it does but just checking, I am left-handed.

Thanks for any help.

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