Guitar Half Stack--How Do I Hook the Cabinet to the Head?

ON the back of the 4x12 cabinet it has three different slots to plug the amp head into. I know that one plays for the left side only and the right side only. Is there a way to plug in and use all 4 speakers sounding at once. If so what do I need to purchase to do so is it not built for that reason, This is obviously my first half stack and I dont want to blow my speakers. Thanks



I hesitate to give you the answer that I think mis probably right because different brands of amps can vary and a mistake can mean disaster.

Two suggestion:

1. If you have the manual, read it. It will tell you the various options for hooking up the cabinet.

2. If you don't have the manual, write back and tell me the brand and model of your amp and I will find the manual and either forward the manual to you or relay the hook up info.

Best Wishes,

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Mar 19, 2009
Cab to Head
by: Anonymous

I need the answer to this questions. How ever the brand of the Cab has little relevance
But if you must know. My cab is a Marshal JCM1960A It has to jack inputs 4ohms mono and 8 ohms stereo. I think I understand the difference in ohms. How ever I still don?t understand the jack inputs. If move my jack switch to stereo and plug in the 8ohm jack to my amp head. Only 2 speakers work. If I plug in the other jack the samething only the other side of the speakers. How do I get all 4 speakers to work at one time. It?s a simple questions, but a not so simple answer?


You need a stereo amp to run the cabinets in stereo. The you plug each speaker cabinet into one side of your stereo amp and use the stereo switch.


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