The Guitar Effects Chain

The Guitar Effects Chain

Now that you have decided on which guitar effects pedals you want to use, the next thing you need to know is how to hook them up. The order in which you connect a series of guitar foot pedals is called the "Effects Chain".

If you use just a couple of pedals, then it is pretty easy to figure out, but the more pedals you use, the trickier it gets.


Here is the basic order in which effects pedals should be connected.

1.Pre Amp

2. Compressor

3. Distortion

4. Wah

5. Chorus/flanger/phaser

6. Delay

7. EQ

8. Noise Gate

9. Volume

10. Digital Reverb

The Wah may be placed before the distortion, as Jimi Hendrix did.

The Delay may be placed before the Chorus/Flanger/Phaser

The EQ can be placed almost anywhere you like.

***Feel free to experiment. Try this order first and then make changes. You will NOT electronically damage any of the effects by changing the order

If you want an easy way to organize all those pedals, try these:


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