Guitar Chord Theory Questions

by Carolyn

Well I've been studying theory on my own with the internet and found that there are different positionings for the same chords throughout the fret board. I've been playing and learning since I was 15. I am 48 now and I still can't change smoothly to the melodies in my head, I want to create in my writing. How do I know whether to use certain chords like a 7th m7th Maj7th or 6th or 9th dim or augmented chord etc. by sound? Do I need to take a real theory course in school to learn this? Please help it would mean so much to me to finally get it.


Hello, Carolyn--

I would love to help you to understand! My first suggestion is that you try the free theory lessons on my site which deal with the questions that you have.

Chord Formulas Explains how to "build" various chords, including the ones you asked about.

Chord Progressions tells you how to put these chords together to make songs.

After you have digested this information (there is a lot of it),or if you have specific questions about the material, you can ask in the comments section of your page (this is YOUR page) OR you can write a new question on the Ask Guitar Questions page.

I am sure that we can clear up any confusion that you may have!

Best Wishes,

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