G-Sharp or A Flat?

by Sarah

Well, you know the flat/sharp 'black notes? I am confused about what to call the ones that have three in a row. Would I call the middle one: G Sharp or A Flat?


Hi, Sarah--

It depends on what key you are in. For example if you are in the key of E Major, it is G#. But if you are in E flat MAjor, It is Ab.

A good way to know is to learn the key signatures. You can find free help at:

https://www.may-studio-music-lessons.com/music-key-signatures.html (For Sharp Keys)


https://www.may-studio-music-lessons.com/music-key-signature.html (For Flat Keys)

For a free comprehensive study of music theory:



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Feb 07, 2018
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much

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