Full Stack vs Half Stack

by Rick
(Sacramento Ca)

Is a full stack louder than a halfstack or the sound quality is better If you have 2 cabinets insted of 1? Louder or better sound? I have a Egnater tweaker 40 half stack on layaway but I want to know if it will be loud enoug for gigging or if I will have to add another cab. I play at different churches with a congregation of about 60 to 100 people. Also if you can give me your opinion about the amp. Thank You


Hi, Rick--

The full stack will not necessarily increase the volume to a great extent. It will, however, let the sound be closer to your ears because of the position of the top cabinet.

If you are using a sound man, be sure to have 2 different volume controls so that you can keep the bottom cabinet low enough to give the sound man some room to work. Then use the top cab as a monitor for yourself.

The Egnater Tweaker 40 seems like a good choice because you have the punch of the 6L6 tubes plus the ability to make the amp sound like a variety of different amps.


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