Free Piano Music Scores

by Angie
(Misawa AB Japan)

Hi Lynne,

Though I live/work in Misawa, Japan I have found a
piano teacher who speaks English and I was wondering
if you can recommend a website that has "piano music scores" that my future piano teacher can print.

If not no problem. I'll just give a list to people
in the States and ask them to buy the "piano music scores" for me.

Thank you,


Hello, Angie--

First of all, MUSIC is a universal language. If you buy music in Japan, the only thing that will be in Japanese is the title. All music notation is the same. For example, I have Japanese versions of all of the music from the Final Fantasy games. I had to ask a Japanese student to translate the titles, but the actual musical notation is universal.

If you want some free piano music, the best place I know of is FREE PIANO MUSIC!

You will find many pieces of music there on every level, but you will NOT find "method" books for teaching.

Good Luck!

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