FOR SALE 1950 00-17 Martin Guitar

by Mac
(Los Alamitos, CA USA)

Hello, I have a 1950 Martin 00-17 only one owner in pretty good shape: Solid mahogany top, back, & sides. This is an all original 14-fret Martin guitar. Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. Minimal fret wear and finish wear.

This guitar has minor cosmetic blemishes, dings, & light scratch’s from normal wear, but none of those affect the playability of this instrument. The guitar is in great shape considering its age, and sounds like the old ones are supposed to.

The guitar still has all of its original parts and hardwood (minus strings, of course), and all of those parts are in working order. This guitar has never had any work done to it at all. The guitar is in great playing condition right now.

NOTE: In the opinion of an experienced former Martin guitar tech (not myself, but where the guitar was taken for a critical overall evaluation) "this guitar could use a neck reset" (to bring it into perfect condition) "but it does play well as is", that year of Martin (1950) did not have an adjustable truss rod, it used either a steel T bar or square steel bar.

I'm looking to sell this for my neighbor (he's 76 years old and his wife just passed away 4 weeks ago) he used to play this guitar a lot until a few years ago and had never considered selling it till now, he would like to get $2,500.00 for it, it does come with a case (not original though, someone had broken into his home a couple of years back and took the guitar case probably thinking the guitar was in it, fortunately it wasn't)

I can send pics of it, and it is in my possession now, I'm actually a Native American flute maker and can appreciate the quality of a good instrument, if there is an interest I can be contacted by phone 951-581-0601 or email Thanks.

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