Fender Guitars

by Sul Alq

My fender doesn't seem to be up to its standards. What problems are there and what can i do to get a good sound out of it ?



Since you don't mention what specific sound problems you are experiencing, I can only guess, but here are some general suggestions:


How long has it been since you changed your strings? One of the most common reasons for a decline in sound quality is old strings. Your strings absorb moisture and oils from your hands and this will deaden the strings after a while.

In general, you should change your strings every one to three months--or when they begin to feel dirty.

You may also want to experiment with different gauges of strings. The gauge of the strings can make a big difference in the quality of the sound.


There is a steel rod running through the neck of your guitar. Sometimes this rod can need adjusting. To test for this, play each string open and then at the 12th fret. The notes should be EXACTLY an octave apart. If they are not, take your guitar to a local repair shop and ask them to adjust the intonation.

Your Own Tastes

You don't say what kind of Fender you have, but have you considered that your tastes may have changed as you have become more proficient on the guitar? Maybe it is time for an upgrade.

If you have more specific information that you want to include, I will be happy to try to give you more specific help.

Best Wishes!

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