Feedback with a Fender Cyber Twin

by Toby
(Whittier CA)

I have a Les Paul Studio (factory) and play through a Fender Cyber Twin. When I get feedback, it is very screechy and not warm and full. Why and how do I get the feedback I am looking for?


Hi, Toby--

You have an EXTREMELY versatile amp there. The possibilities are almost endless. Try playing with the tone stacks in different combinations with the drive types.

For example--

Mate the Blackface to a Tweed Tone Stack, and the tone and gain structure change completely. The sound is darker, fatter, and quicker to reach saturation. Switch to the British Tone Stack, and things change again: now the midrange takes on a more solid flavor, and the Modern Tone Stack saturates the preamp for performance reminiscent of an early Mesa Boogie.

Just experiment--your amp gives you PLENTY of options!

Best Wishes,

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