Electronic Snare Pad for "Side Stick" Sound

by Tony

I have been looking everywhere for what the thing is called that makes the sound that is usually made by laying the drum stick flat across the snare with one end on the head and the other on the rim. When you lift the part on the rim and strike it back down it makes that snapping sound. Anyway, I know and have seen that there is a piece that attaches to a drum set that you strike and get "practically" the same sound. I always thought this was a wood block or something but the ones I've seen lately and more often, is round and kid of looks like a drum head but it makes that "snapping" sound. Can someone please tell me what this is called??


Hi, Tony--

I think that you are referring to an electronic snare trigger pad. These pads plug into a sound module made especially for drums. You can get single pads, but you will have to have a sound module.

Musician's Friend Has a large selection of trigger pads and sound modules. You will be looking for a snare drum trigger pad.

I was looking at the Yamaha Three Zone snare pad. It looks simple and is relatively inexpensive.

Hope this helps!

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