Drummer's Dilemma--Play With a Drum Machine?

by Rick

I am currently working with a local group that was formed about a year ago. They asked me to come and play and learn all their material which is fine. The only problem here is that they have learned all their songs with a drum machine. They want me to play along with the drum machine and toss in some fills now and than. Am I wasting my time or can this really be done. They tell me any good drummer should be able to keep up with the machines timing. Please give me an honest answer.



Hi, Rick--

I am sure that any good drummer COULD play along with a drum machine. The question is, why would any good drummer want to DO THAT?

Part of the joy playing is the opportunity to use your special skills and creativity. If they want to play with a drum machine, maybe they should just play with a drum machine. Why would they need a "figurehead" drummer? (Maybe to make them look like a "real" band?)

My advice would be to wait until you find a group that really WANTS a live drummer. Otherwise, you are bound to be constricted and frustrated.

Good Luck!


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